Draught Beer List 31 July 2021

Draught Beer List 31 July 2021


Riverside Tap

5 Friars Vennel, Dumfries

Saturday 31 July,  2021


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Please ask for a taster if you’re not sure….

Fallen Chew Chew Salted Caramel Milk Stout 6% 1/3 £2, ½ £3, 2/3 £4

We love this rich, complex yet smooth milk stout and feel that some descriptions you will see elsewhere do it no justice! Superb accompaniment to a good malt whisky!   This is how one well known online retailer describes it: “A sweet, briney, chewy beer brewed with dark Belgian candi syrup, lactose and sea salt”. We’d love to know how you would describe it!

Newbarns Table Beer, Idaho 7 (Edinburgh) 3% 1/3 £2, ½ £3, 2/3 £4

Generous quantities of oats, malted and unmalted,  fermented with clean yeast and Idaho hops.   (Don’t confuse this with our cans of Newbarns Table beer, which is Mosaic hopped)

 Dois Corvos Polite Society Brett Saison Moscatel (Portugal) 7.3% 1/3 £2.50, ½ £3.75, 2/3 £5

Another gorgeous saison fermented with Bretannomyces  and aged in Moscatel sherry/wine barrels.

Malt: Pale, Spelt, Wheat, Oats

Hops: Perle, Sterling, Saaz.

 Letra Alvarinho Grape Ale (Portugal): 10.2% ABV 1/3 £2.50, ½ £3.75, 2/3 £5

Created in partnership in partnership with the renowned winemaker Anselmo Mendes , 30% must of Alvarinho  grape variety is added to 70% barley malt for fermentation with Saison yeast.   The result is then matured for 7 months in Alvarinho wine barrels adding the complexity and mild acidity of wine.    Our founder, Andrew, was lucky enough to experience this absolute gem at an early stage of it’s development since when it has remained one of his core favourites.  Such is his enthusiasm that he purchased the entire stock of this batch direct from the brewery , Letra, in Vila Nova in order to share it with our customers.    Also available in bottles.  Very long shelf life

 Bone Machine Nordic Barbarian KVIEK IPA (England)  5% 1/3 £2, ½ £3, 2/3 £4

Shut the gates, the Nordics are coming! Hazy, juicy IPA featuring Kveik yeast and American hops with aromas of citrus fruits, a smooth malt body and a bitter finish

 Barney’s Cranberry Margarita (Edinburgh) 3.4%. 1/3 £2, ½ £3, 2/3 £4

This gose-style beer is a thirst-quenching kettle sour that's been  fruited up with bursts of cranberry, blood orange & lime, and a wee pinch of salt.  Very easy summer drinking beer.

 Tempest Elemental Porter 5.1%  1/3 £2, ½ £3, 2/3 £4
Dark, brooding and robust. This delicious elemental full bodied porter, brewed with malted barley, is a chocolatey stout with a hint of roasted coffee.

 Garden Brewery Blueberry & Lavender Sour (Croatia) 5.2%, 1/3 £2, ½ £3, 2/3 £4

Aromatic and fruity with a gentle sourness.  Kettle sour fermented on blueberries and conditioned on lavender.   Great for summer drinking!

Tempest Sleight of hand ‘alcohol free’ (Scotland)  0.5% 1/3 £2, ½ £3, 2/3 £4

Quite a story to this delicious & refreshing alcohol free beer.   We loved Tempest’s previous alcohol free beer, Drop Kick.   It was proper beer, skillfully brewed to achieve 0.5% (unlike many others where alcohol is removed from beer brewed in a standard manner), resulting in a delicious refreshing and pure beer with a hint of citrus.    Our customers and visiting brewers loved it, commenting that it didn’t taste like an alcohol free beer.    We were devastated when they stopped brewing it and replaced with an alternative, Sleight of Hand.    This alternative lacked something and I continuously pestered Tempest to brew Drop Kick again.   Douglas, senior brewer at Tempest has been tweaking the Sleight of Hands recipe behind the scenes to bring it into line with Drop Kick and the brewery advised me last week that he has achieved a result very close to Drop Kick, so we immediately ordered some to see for ourselves.    We agree, it’s delicious, so this will now become one of our core beers.    During the period of mourning for Drop Kick I tried hard to find a replacement with no success until our friends at Mala Gissona in San Sebastian (Basque area of Spain) came up with another special one, Txalupa which we have ordered in kegs and bottles, due to be shipped to us next week.    Brexshit has slowed the customs clearance process down but it will be work waiting for!!

 Our huge Spanish import (12 full pallets!) from 12 Breweries and specialist Cider producers in Northern Spain – From Madrid to Cantabria, Catalunya and Pais Basque,  is now all packaged up and ready to ship from Bidassoa Basque Brewery near San Sebastian.  With Brexshit, it will be no surprise that we have run into customs issues,  requiring EMCS to be completed by today, but the shippers can’t provide the necessary information until next week!  It will be worth waiting for!    Andrew (Founder) 31 July 2021