Dois Corvos Prata Pilsner, Portugal (5%) 330ML

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It is said that, in the 17th century,  a knight returned from Brazil to Lisbon after losing an arm in battle and gained a new one, made of silver. This beer is brewed at Dois Corvos’ new brewery at Braço de Prata (Lisbon), from which it takes it’s name. Great stories are made with the best ingredients, just like this beer! This Silver Pilsner is Dois Corvos’ tribute to the industrious knight with the Silver Arm.  With a light feel, it is an easy drinking beer with subtle floral and herbal notes and a moderate bitterness giving a nice sense of satisfaction.   It is brewed with a blend of German hops (Perle, Tettnang, Saphir & Spalter) having a low percentage of alpha acids,  producing intense herbal aromas.