Letra Late Harvest Grape Ale, Portugal (7%) 375ML

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This exceptional beer is the jewel in the crown of our Portuguese portfolio.  Brewed using pure water from the River Minho, the estuary of which forms the border between Portugal and Galicia, Spain then matured in French Oak barrels with the addition of Loureiro and Trajadura grape must giving this beer a rich and complex taste.   Goes perfectly with a platter of Iberian cured hams and cheeses.  Limited run of 500 bottles, each individually numbered.   Beer Without Borders felt honoured to be able to import a significant proportion of these special bottles directly from the brewery, on the personal recommendation of the brewer, Filipe Macieira.  With a shelf life of almost 10 years you’ll be torn between enjoying it now and putting some aside to bring out and share at special occasions!    Limited to 3 bottles per order.